Technofelt Nonwovens products are
manufactured from natural, synthetic
and recycled materials.

Technofelt Nonwovens has been operating in Kayseri since 2009. The facility offers nonwoven filling materials which can be classified as 'Hard Felt, Thermobond Felt, Wire Felt, Wool Wadding and Cotton Wadding' to the manufacturers for use in beds and sofas. In addition, Felt, which has comfort and isolation feature, is a highly preferred filling material used under the floor of hotels, mosques and indoor sport areas.

Technofelt Nonwovens products are manufactured from a wide range of natural, synthetic and recycled materials to meet specific customer needs. All products are subjected to rigorous testing for flexibility and durability. With modern comb and thermo-bonding technology, unique products are produced that meet various customer needs by using pure, reconditioned and recycled materials. Production capacity is 550 tons per month for felt and 50 tons per month for wadding.

All of the Technofelt Nonwovens products are environmentally friendly products.

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